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Video Production, 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Video Marketing

About Me

With over ten years as a Video Producer, I blend a deep understanding of filmmaking, motion graphics, and 3D animation fusing creative vision with technical expertise.

I specialise in using storytelling to transform complex concepts into engaging, accessible narratives.

Whether leading team projects or solo endeavours, my adaptability and unwavering commitment shine through. In my current role at a leading SaaS company, I have played a key part in revolutionizing our brand strategy with innovative video content, yielding notable results.



I'm Perseu Mandillo. I'm Portuguese, studied in London, worked in China and nowadays live and work in Copenhagen. Check out my work, look at my CV and get in touch. Cya :-D

Perseu Mandillo
Motion Graphics and 3D Animation

Past Work

Here you can find a sneak peak to some of the work I have done or participated in the last few of years.


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